US policy in the Middle East has given life to terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. For decades we have quietly engineered the region's politics in our bid to maintain geostrategic supremacy. By subverting the political process necessary for these nations to self-realize we created the very threat we sought to suppress.

Spread the details of historic American policy in the Middle East, paying particular attention to those which were once deemed necessary to conceal. Publicly acknowledge the violent excesses of the past.

The world becomes ever more dangerous as the turmoil the US has sown abroad since WWII inexorably yields its ugly harvest. From a nation that gives them no power, innocents are drawn to spill their blood on foreign soil. They are sacrifice to the cult of the state.

Improve education and opportunities at home to preclude young men from seeing no other option than going to war. Build a foreign policy that does not demand their sacrifice. Do not disgrace their service by dividing the world into simplistic poles of good vs evil.

Our everyday consumer spending drives world politics. Our two-party system is a pleasantry we enjoy in the absence of conscious participation. Though the success of a democracy hinges on an informed public, we clamor for diversion.

Don't watch the news. Turn aside from advertising. Pursue independent sources of information. Don't buy into the illusion of authority that comes with accepting as fact the expertise of others.

The drug war will be recognized by future generations as the contemporary equivalent of pogroms and witch hunts. It is a throwback to the medieval mob mentality and hysterical intolerance for marginalized elements of the population. We perpetuate it with our consent.

Provide rehabilitation, not persecution. Exercise compassion, not intolerance. Take responsibility for the cultural and societal conditions that contribute to substance abuse.

The poverty and desperation of the few can dramatically affect the welfare of the many. Instead of addressing that we hide it from sight like trash in a landfill, while others turn it into big business. The commodity? Human freedom, in the land of the brave.

Direct more tax money to the state services that improve communities and preclude individuals within them from resorting to crime. It is in our own self-interest to support each other. Opt out of fear and in to awareness of the socio-economic conditions of the lives of others.

Like any biological population lacking external control, we are driven to consume a finite resource beyond its ability to sustain us. We glorify doctrines of competitive growth as though in a race to our own mutual destruction. Destitute of collective vision, we will burn this system to the ground.

In the indeterminate future there will likely be a series of resource bottlenecks that will dramatically transform American society. We must use the tools of industrialization to postpone the onset and mitigate the intensity of these bottlenecks.

With militant Judeo-Christianity, our self-righteous dominion over the world has reached its fullest expression. Fear is the cornerstone of this false faith. Our very identity as Americans is sacrifice.

For decades the United States has suppressed the forces of nationalism in regions of economic or strategic significance. Our military has spearheaded this effort, often without public knowledge or participation in policy. Our ignorance is safeguarded to keep us worshiping at the altar of the state.