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Money votes. Every dollar we spend is a vote for the covert subversion of the political integrity of oil-producing nations. Engineered and subsidized governments alienate their peoples and give rise to the militancy and fundamentalism we call terror. The very function of our economy primitivizes the Arab world, and polarizes it against us. The state is our church. Our soldiers are its pious saints. Bright-eyed they travel thousands of miles away with love in their hearts to poison the world against us. In our perversity we honor the turmoil they work abroad and shed tears even as we shed their blood.
Our 'two-party' system is a pleasantry we enjoy in the absence of true participation. A functional democracy demands the diligent critical thinking of its constituents. Instead the media churns out amnesia and diversion because that is what is most in demand. Without a politically engaged citizenry, power defaults to the highest bidder. Our fanaticism regarding the use of mind-altering substances belies our savagery. While a pogrom or a burning extinguishes the body, incarceration as it is instituted in the United States twists the mind. All forms of bigotry are rooted in authoritarianism, be it forced upon us or internalized. The drug war provides an excellent excuse for the arbitrary abuse of state power against undesirable members of the population and enemies abroad alike.
The poverty and desperation of the few can dramatically affect the welfare of the many. Instead of actually addressing that reality most of us mentally sweep it under a rug, much as we hide trash in a landfill, while others turn it into big business. The commodity? Human freedom, in the land of the brave. Like any biological population lacking external control, we are not clever enough to avoid consuming a finite resource beyond its ability to sustain us.  We uphold doctrines of competitive growth as though in a race to our own mutual destruction.  Destitute of collective vision, we will burn this system to the ground.

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